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The Marvel Avengers Universe


Marvel Avenger's Tips And Tricks To Take Down Enemies

You'll be squatting up with iconic heroes in marvel avengers, and it's a lot to live up to. There are many tips and tricks to 5 stars every mission, get the best gear in loot, and cover every secret. Press r3 right stick to lock on; the game will eventually tell but much later than the player will expect. When you lock on and switch to the ranged attack, you'll also automatically place the reticule right on top of the target.


Scan on the d-pad to quickly see what's breakable and intractable in the environment. Use environmental explosives to your advantage and find hint switches to open treasure caches. Each objective is a mission that will be graded on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, and you will lose a star for every time a hero is down. Players get better rewards when they get all five stars, so try your best not to go down. Following inversegamer tricks will take down enemies easily.

Target's turrets first; they are unbelievably deadly if left alone and are much easier to kill than most enemies. Dreadbots attack from four sides by shooting flames out of exhaust vents; keep an eye on them. When on the offensive, taking down the arm weapons will make the fight easier. If you time your dodge right, dodging at the last possible second time will slow down for a second or two. Take advantage of dodge to gain the upper hand against the enemies. Look for the second animation that appears in melee combat telegraphing an enemy attack.


Dodging works great for those unblockable red attacks, but it won't solve the problem when areas are crowded with enemy dodging. Use the right trigger to parry right before the enemy attack. Use those harm challenge rooms to practice new skills and abilities. These are wave-based arena combat stimulations where there's no penalty for failing, although you will have to restart the first wave's challenge. Watch out for range attacks; keep an eye for the exclamation point, and missile markers appear when players are in anger. Missiles can often be parried by activating the r2 ability right before they land, and those markers will let players know when they have to time the button press.

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